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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 12, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: we have been e- mailed the criminal complaint here. it may take a moment to open up on my blackberry but they said they would enunseal the criminal complaint and ten pages of the supporting document that led to their arrest this morning. still awaiting for this to open. however it is quite a sight in court right now. the fourth floor at the federal courthouse in greenbelt. inside the courtroom, the 16 year veteran public servant for prince georges county, eight years as state's attorney, eight years as county executive, about to leave office in a few weeks. jack johnson walked in to the courtroom without a tie, without a belt, his shirt sleeves open. no cuff links. that's all a preventive thing they do in court. he looked downtrodden. however, he spoke with a strong voice when he said it is he who was in court. his wife, leslie a recently retired law judge who was just elected to the prince georges county council. she there with him.
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we have a photograph to show you now taken this morning outside of jack johnson's mitchellville home when they were arrested and what we understand, from what was read aloud by the judge in court today is that both jack and leslie are facing two federal charges. the first is tampering with witnesses and evidence related to a federal case. the second is destruction of records related to a federal case. and the judge said that these crimes were committed today. what we understand has happened here is that the fbi was conducting a long-term public corruption investigation against jack johnson, and the allegations are kick backs and money laundering and that today, when the fbi went to execute a search warrant at the johnson's mitchellville home as well as a dozen other locations around the county, that something happened inside of
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the house that led investigators to believe that jack and leslie johnson were about to destroy records. what those records are, what it is, we're not sure. however, investigators called a plumber to the house. and that plumber has told fox 5 news he spent 45 minutes inside of the johnson's home, was asked to remove a toilet, the wax seal from the floor, and that he did not find anything. reading in to that, we would be led to believe that perhaps investigators, the fbi thought that the johnsons were trying to destroy evidence and tamper with stuff and flush it down the toilet. >> we are just getting the affidavit right now which goes along with what you were saying. a plumber was brought in to unseal the toilet. i'm going to read a portion of what we just got in. it says on november 12th at 10:12 a.m., that leslie jackson
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called jack johnson and said two men are at the door. he said don't answer it. go to any drawer and you will see a check a developer wrote wrote me based on investigation and the client believes it is a $100,000 check that developer a provided to jack johnson in return for his official assistance. it goes on, in this affidavit it states that jack johnson told leslie johnson to take out cash from the house. put it in her underwear. leslie johnson repeat lid asked where's the check. he said it is in the drawer in the bedroom. this seems to go with what you were talking about there and the fact a plumber was brought to the house. i know the information is just coming out. do you have any other information you heard in court? >> not in the court. i will tell you that attorneys for jack and leslie johnson asked the criminal complaint would not be read allowed in court. their youngest son was in court
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with them. but in terms of any other information we are not sure. i will tell you that people have been talking about, you know, this being something that was hanging over the county, long-standing allegations that this kind of thing might be going on, money for jobs or for deals for contracts. something never proven and still not proven. however, just a matter of weeks before jack johnson was to end his 18-year career here in prince georges county and a matter of weeks before his wife was to begin hers on the prince georges county council. the two are under arrest, charged with federal crimes for allegedly tampering with and destroying evidence related to an fbi public corruption investigation here in the county. >> we will keep reading over the affidavit and we will bring you more information as soon as we can get through this. >> jack johnson's arrest is having an impact across the county, as you can imagine. nowhere more so than in upper
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marlboro, the county seat, the site of jack johnson's office and that's where beth parker is tonight live. >> this county administration building here as been buzzing all afternoon. as the word spread. federal agents executed a search warrant here this morning. at the fifth floor office the county executive jack johnson they weren't saying much. >> i don't have an appointment. >> reporter: later, his long time spokesman jim carrey explained county leaders had not been kept informed. >> we are getting more information from the press than investigators. >> reporter: kerry said he had not spoke on the the county executive today. >> we are not aware of the nature of the investigation or any allegations. they have not been shared with user are he said there is an executive order signed a year ago by jack johnson that said deputy chief administrative officer would serve as acting county executive if the county
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executive is incapacitated. when asked whether johnson could run the county from jail, he responded. >> i don't have an a answer to that question. >> who's in charge? >> i'm sure the county executive is in charge. >> reporter: it was the talk of upper marlboro. >> we thought he was doing a good job but obviously something else is happening. >> jack johnson is not the greatest, but one of the greatest county executives and local politicians there are in the washington region. >> reporter: now incoming county executive baker is scheduled to be sworn in on december 6th. as bob said, that's the same day as leslie johnson, jack johnson's wife, who saw moments ago, the newly elected member of the county council was also expected to take her seat. live in upper marlboro, back to you. >> jack johnson, by the way, graduated from howard university law school in 1975. he served as deputy states attorney for prince georges
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county from 1987 to 1994. johnson then became the state's attorney and served until his election as county executive in 2002. he was re-elected to that post in twee 2006. we invite you to stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage of this developing story. we are also posting the affidavit, the official documents pertaining to this case on our website at meantime, our reporters are gathering new information about what just happened in court. we're going to continue live team coverage throughout the hour and on the news edge at 6:00. here at fox 5 we have been telling you about the danger and concerns about the new alcoholic energy drinks. now a maryland family believes the beverages led to the death of their 21-year-old daughter. we have the story tonight from the eastern shore. >> a week ago, 21-year-old courtney spurry attended a party at an acquaintances house on the eastern shore of
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maryland. friends told her parents the short, slim young woman drank two, 23-ounce cans of a product called four loko which is a combination of caffeine and alcohol, a lot of alcohol, 12% of alcohol by volume, a far higher percentage than most brewed beverages. she behaved erratically at the party. even though friends took away her car keys she grabbed the keys to another vehicle and took off in someone's pickup truck. how odd was her behavior? >> she didn't know her friends names. she was calling them by different names. she was wanting to fight. she wasn't courtney by no means at all. >> reporter: mrs. spurry grew so concerned she got in the car and searched for her daughter in the early hours of saturday morning and found her driving erratically on route 33 just outside of easton. courtney smashed the truck through a utility pole. cher i have spurry approached the pickup truck but couldn't
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find her daughter. courtney was ejected from the vehicle. her mom found her lying in the middle of the highway. >> she had broken legs. blood coming out of her face, broken arms head and just gurgling. >> reporter: courtney died the next day at a baltimore hospital. critics of beverages like four loko which include doug gansler question the wisdom of putting caffeine and alcohol in the same drink wondering if the combination of ingredients excessively impairs the drinkers judgment. >> it is like putting your foot on the brake and accelerator at the same time and that's what this drink is doing to people. >> reporter: the company expressed sympathy to the family but pointed out their cans prominently display ingredients, including caffeine and in large type display the significant volume of alcohol. several universities have banned the sale of caffeinated
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alcoholic beverages. and a few states have done so also by not maryland. the spurries will bury their daughter on wednesday. tonight is the time to charge for the smithsonian. and a survey shows you don't have to look far to find the richest counties in america. we will tell you which in our area tops the list. the postseason is upon us here with high school football and tonight's playoff game starts with a bang. will dedamascus remain unbeaten? we will look at the game of the week coming 
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when it comes to the smithsonian institution a lot of people live by the motto if it is free it's for me. how many would walk through if they had to pay? this is a proposal considered as a way to cut the federal debt. tom fitzgerald is joining us now. you talked to smithsonian officials today. they are not happy about this. >> not really. this idea came from a commission set up by the white house to address how to reduce the federal debt. one of the many ideas is that the government would cut $250 million from the smithsonian's budget. now, to make up for thatting according to the panel, it
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would allow the smithsonian to charge $7.50 as an admission fee at the door. if that is an individual museum or an ticket that would give you access to it but the bottom line they said it is not a good idea because it would cut off access to the museums for people who don't have the money and there are private sources of founding that make up a third of the total budget through fund-raising and they are afraid if they have independent income streams it could throw off the balance. >> there are so many museums in dc that charge admission, why should the smithsonian be different? >> that's try. the last couple of years it has become more common. we did a survey today. international spy museum, everyone like place it is $18. madam tussauds is 21.20 to get in the door.
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while those museums are privately run the smithsonian is not. it was created by congress in 1886. it has been free and they would like to keep it that way. and we talked to one family from california and they told us the reason they came here on vacation is because they wanted to keep the costs down and knew a vacation to washington would include going to the smithsonian which means they didn't have to whip out the wallet every time they went through the door. >> that's a good point. so expensive for families to travel these days. what are the chances it could actually happen? >> we are putting it in the long shot category right now. we spoke to the office of jim moran. he is a ranking member on one of the committees that oversees the smithsonian. he will oppose the move and it is unlikely that other congressmen will jump on it, as well. because when they come from jurisdictions across the
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country they have paid with it in tax dollars and tacking another fee on the door to them is like double dipping to get to the smithsonian. >> there are a lot of opinions on this. we appreciate your input. we asked for our viewers ' feedback on our facebook page. stephanie says charging admission to the smithsonian museum is almost un-american. that's a national treasure that should be free to all who want to visit. charging admission means less and less people will go there and as a result will not come to dc for vacation which will hurt our tourism. here's what lori had to say. >> let's gut congress' salary to pay for it leaf the smithsonians and the national museums and social security alone. we aide lead like for you to tell us what you think. go to and click on the facebook page. world economics is the focus of the two-day summit in south korea. world leaders and president
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obama agree the economic progress has been slow every than expected. the steps aren't made it could be a barrier to trade which coderive a return to global recession. president obama says he is confident the countries can work together to create growth. >> the global economy is growing again. some economies, especially emerging economies, are experiencing strong economic growth. trade has risen, jobs are being created as in the united states where we have had ten consecutive months of private sector job growth and created more than 1 million private sector jobs this year alone. >> president obama rejected suggestions that he had been weakened on the world stage by the election loss. he said leaders around the world, particularly in asia are eager to work with america on economic and security matters congress returns to washington on monday for the first time since the midterm elections. democrats still have the majority and they are expected to move forward on the number of issues. but will republicans be on board? and both parties continue to shake out their leadership?
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jennifer davis has the story. >> when congress returns for the start of the lame duck session on monday, democrats will still be in charge and they have a long to do list. but there are questions about how much they will actually be able to accomplish. >> when you have the ruling party, the democrats who have lost big in this mid-term election, it is -- they do not really have the credibility or the power to pass a lot of legislation. they either are going to have difficulty holding their own democrats in line. >> reporter: debate continues to rage within the party of who should lead in the house in january when democrats become the minority. some are asking nancy pelosi to withdrawal her bid for leader and there is a fight on the number two spot. but republican national committee chair michael steel's future is in question. he has not said if he will run for a second term, but his first challenger has stepped forward. the former michigan gop chair
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says it is time for steel to step out of the limelight and let candidates be the voice and face of the party. >> we have a new leadership in congress, both in the house and the senate, and it would be natural for the new chairman, if there is a new chairman, to have a new face of the party. >> reporter: newly selected members of congress will be on captiol hill next week. orientation begins and includes informational sessions, a new member class photo and selection and assignment of offices. in washington, jennifer davis, fox 5 news. what a perfect fall day to be outside. >> gorgeous. did a little bike riding -- well, i didn't. i watched my son do a little bike riding outside today. >> the trees are gorgeous, even though some of the leaves are falling. >> the question is will it continue in to the weekend? >> you want me to give that up now. >> talk about tonight. >> what the heck. we don't want everyone to be on the edge of their seats.
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it will be great. it is six consecutive days of gorgeous and through the weekend we will start to get some changing happening but it will still be pretty nice. go to true view and show you what is happening. statement story this week. a big area of high pressure right here. it has stayed in place. it has been real persistent and it has been giving us very, very nice weather. now, you see the clouds out to the west. they welcome creeping up on us and looks like sunday we could see a couple of clouds. rain should be off to the west. 58 in the city. dulles 57. we manage in to the mid-60s pretty much everywhere today. here's the forecast for this evening. pretty much like it has been the last several evening. clear skies. right through the evening hours. temperatures will quickly fall to the upper 40s by 11:00 but that's in town. out in the suburbs probably in the mid-40s or so by late this evening and we will have freezing temperatures only the
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and then we warm up in to the 60s again for tomorrow. specifics on the weekend and again changes are coming and that means a little rain coming our way. we will talk about when we can expect that in the full forecast. >> sounds great. we will see you in a few. it is friday. time for the fox 5 high school football game of the week. >> this week our winning matchup, a first round playoff game between the lancers and the damascus hornets. lindsey mastis there. we have a heck of a game planned. they are 7-2 this season but on a losing skid. they are 10-0 this season and pretty good. this is a maryland 3-a playoff game. a first round game and the action won't kick off until 7. one other note about damascus.
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this is their 13th straight playoff appearance. they haven't won a state title since 2007. and the visiting team, they are the reigning state champions. they went 18-0 last season and they are looking to win tonight. right now the damascus drum line is standing by and they have a good performance scheduled for us. go ahead, guys ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] only one will survive after tonight. we look forward to the game
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coming up later in the show. >> thank you very much. remember, you can go to to vote for the game of the week or text in your choice to 29473. we will have next week's nominees on the site once the next round of playoff matchups are determined. all right. don't say we didn't warn you. dc's newest red light cameras are snapping pictures and you'll now be fined. we will tell you where coming up. and why driving around the national mall could be tricky this weekend. we are back in just a moment.
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dc's newest red light cameras are snapping photos to ticket drivers. as of today the 30-day warning time is over. the police department selects the locations based on crash data, calls for police service and requests from the department of transportation and also from community groups. driving an the national mall this weekending remember, parts of ohio drive will be closed. starting at 11:00 tonight, ohio drive will be closed from the theodore roosevelt bridge to independence avenue. crews are finishing the asphalt there and making final markings on that stretch of roadway. it will reopen by 5:00 a.m. on monday. a new survey shows that many of our neighbors are making big bucks. according to "newsweek" magazine, seven of the ten richest counties in the country are right here. loudoun county in virginia is number one with the median household income of $118,000 a year, 17% of house holds there pull in more than $200,000. fairfax county is number two an then over to maryland, howard county number three. and other counties include arlington, montgomery, calvert, and charles county in maryland. we are following breaking news out of prince georges county tonight. county executive jack johnson and his wife have been arrested. the pair has made their first court appearance. we have details in a live report on the other side of the break. plus, why new charges are being filed against a man
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accused of going on a stabbing spree across three states, including 
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continuing our coverage now of breaking news out of prince georges county. that's where county executive jack johnson made his first court appearance a few minutes ago. federal agents arrested him and his wife after raiding their home this morning. wisdom martin is live outside of the federal court in greenbelt with the latest details. >> i walked out of the courtroom and the fbi said they took both johnsons in to federal custody stemming from an incident on november 12th, tampering with witnesses and evidence in the commission of a federal offense and destruction and altering of evidence. the maximum penalty for these
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crimes is 20 years. here's what is going on when they left the courtroom. they were discussing the dates for the preliminary hearing on december 13th at 11:00. the government wanted both johnsons to be held in home detention with electronic monitoring. they would be able to go to work. make medical appointments and court appointments. no international travel. turn in passport by 4:00 p.m. on monday. no financial transactions greater than 1,000 there's. they said they found $80,000 in cash at the home today so they are concerned about that. that was a key sticking point for one moment. investigators talked about how they searched the home, the office, the car, they searched them and found boxes that were stored and 80,000 there's in cash that was found at their home. they also say this investigation involves a lot of people. it is a long investigation and it's ongoing. it is not over yet. they want to make sure they
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don't talk to any witnesses or tamper with any further evidence. right now i'm being told they did agree on their release at this time. >> wisdom, let me ask you, we talked about the plumber earlier being asked to go to the home to take the toilet out. any mention of what, if anything, was found in that toilet today. >> no mention of that in court. in fact they did unseal the documents but had not released them at the time i walked out of the court. but the only thing they mentioned that was in the document, one of the specific thing that's mentioned was they did execute the warrant and search the home, search the car and they found $80,000 in cash at the home. it is not specified where they found that.
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it is possible they could have found it anywhere in the home but they did not talk about that. this is in the document and we will have that later on tonight. >> one more quick question, how long will they be wearing the monitors. any indication of that? >> they have to wear them -- the next court gate is scheduled for december 13th at 11:00 in the morning. for the time being, until further notice they have to wear -- well, they have to follow through the electronic monitoring and be under court supervision until further notice. the big concern is they don't want them tampering with evidence. they want to watch the financial transactions. >> we want to remind the viewers the criminal complaint affidavit is on our website at new charges against an accused serial stabber. the judge ordered him to stand trial for the attempted murder of a michigan man. he testified that he attacked him in flint in july. police say he went on a crime spree across michigan, ohio and virginia stabbing 14 people, five fatally. he was already charged with three murders and five attempted murders.
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the student who hacked in to sarah palin's e-mail learns his fate. a judge sentenced david colonel to one year and one day but not in prison. the judge is recommending the term be served in a half way house. the former university of tennessee student gained access to sarah palin's private account by guessing the answer to her security question. this happened during the 2008 presidential campaign. he apologized to sarah palin and her family in court. >> it is flu season but before you get the flu shots there are new recommendations that could affect you and your children, including this year's some children may need to get two shots. chances are the images are fresh in your mind. school-aged children getting immunized against the h1n1, swine flu. younger kids got two doses. >> children under the age of 9 don't respond as vigorously to the flu vaccine as children who are above 9. >> this year it isn't a separate vaccine. it is rolled in to the seasonal flu shot. so the cdc advisory panel is recommending that kids that didn't get the h1n1 vaccine
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last year get two flu shots this year. >> because we expect that this year's flu season will have a lot of the h1n1 virus circulating, we want to make sure that the kids have good immunity to that component of the vaccine. >> reporter: this doctor says whooping cough is making a comeback. for adult and older kids it is a cough but for tiny babies it is often a death sentence. >> little babies only one month old instead of coughing as the symptom of whooping cough stopped breathing. >> reporter: 90% of the deaths are in babies under age 3 months. infections are often spread by the people closest to them. >> pregnant women should be offered the vaccine as soon as they have their baby. before the baby even leaves the hospital. >> reporter: dads, grandparents and great parents can get the shot, too. >> the one thing that i really
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enjoyed seeing, and did not expect, was a recommendation that persons over 65 can get the vaccine. >> reporter: and there can be changes for another vaccine, the ones that prevent bacterial meningitis. >> now it appears that not everybody maintains much immunity from the vaccine after five years. so the new suggestion is that if a child does get it at the recommended age of 11 or 12 they can get a booster around the time they are seniors in high school if they are going to college. >> reporter: fox news. >> it is a book that is causing so much controversy that amazon was forced to pull it. coming up the man who penned a guide for pedophiles defends himself as he catches the attention of police. also ahead, why the creator 0 the garfield comic strip is
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apologizing to some ♪
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[ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ is. police in colorado are protecting and investigating
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the author of a how to book for pedophiles. phillip grieves has drawn national attention over his e- book for sale on amazon it has been removed from the website now. he received death threats over the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. he says pedophiles are misunderstood and it is only a crime to act on sexual impulses to children. he says the book offs advice on how to love children but abide by the law. >> if it was something that the child didn't have any problems with, maybe a fine of some kind but if it was actual physical harm or mental trauma, a few years in jail perhaps. >> he has no criminal record. however, police are investigating him. he is not a registered sex offender. garrfield cartoonist jim davis is apologizing for a strip that raised complaints from veterans. yesterday's comic showed a spider teaching a class and asking students do you know why we celebrate national stupid day? of course yesterday was
5:42 pm
veteran's day. he says hi creates the strip in a advance and he dunn know which day it will run. he says the cartoon has nothing to do with the day of remembrance. and he notes that his brother and son both served in the military. turning to this beautiful weather and it's not going anywhere. >> thank you app thank goodness. gary is back to tell us what to expect the weekend weather forecast. and lindsey is live with the game of the week coming up. our game of the week features the reigning state champion lancers versus the hornets. we will break down the action and talk to the coaches coming up.
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pretty fun time cleaning for you. >> got house cleaning done on a week like. >> we need to send you out for
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coffee. he has nothing to do with the weather. >> coffee boy is what i am reduced to for a beautiful week. >> by the time i go out for coffee it will be dark. >> i'm so happy this nice trend will stick around for the weekend. so many times it doesn't happen. we have a great weather week and then, it goes downhill for the weekend. not the case. i will tell you, though, that by sunday, late in the day, there may be a few clouds. looks like the only bump in the road and a lot of times, in this particular setup, we think maybe the clouds will get here to the west. nd then they hold don't worry about it. looks like a great weekend. temperature right now is 52 for gaithersburg. 589 in the city. that's down from highways in the middle 60s for everybody. frederick 45. manassas is 48. same as last night. we have clear skies, light winds, dry atmosphere.
5:47 pm
those temperatures tonight will be falling out there. not as cold in the city i think but out in the suburbs, easily right back down to below freezing. 55 at 7:00. winds are five to seven miles an hour. something like that. same setup we have been dealing with the last several days. high pressure anchored on top of us. it scooted ever so slightly on to the east. so we are more under the center of this big broad area of high pressure. so the winds have lightened up. the skies are crystal clear and pretty much as warm as we will be able to get out of this. temperatures in the middle 60s. we will stay in the middle 60s. unsettled system back to the west of us is getting closer to us. notice, more so than moving east, it is moving to the northeast. there was some snow, believe it or not this morning in the texas panhandle. a little accumulation down there. the entire system is lifting out though.
5:48 pm
this is what we are watching for. eventually, by late sunday in to monday the high pressure will break down, and shift a little more to the east and this will open the door for all of this unsettled weather back to the west and moving in our direction. it is still 70s back to the west. we're not going to get 70s here. only in the middle 60s and again since the sun has set, the temperature for us has dropped to the 50s out there. weekend set up. high pressure remains in control. pretty good. tomorrow 65. sunny and sunday, 65, sunny. again late in the afternoon, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 before the sun goes down we could notice an increase in the clouds, primarily high clouds back to the northwest as that little unsettled system gets closer to us but again the weekend is looking stellar for us. tomorrow morning, we start off cold again. 43 in the city. at 8 a.m., 30s in the suburbs. we will have a hard freeze in the suburbs for some locations,
5:49 pm
especially west and northwest of the city. perfectly sunny tomorrow. 60 at noon. 62 for 5:00. in between noon and 5:00 tomorrow, we will reach a daytime high temperature again. we think we will make it up to 65, 66, some locations could get as warm as 67 for a high tomorrow. you get the drift, mid to upper 60s. pretty much the same on sunday and then mostly sunny for monday right now. but it should stay dry for most of the day. late monday and in to tuesday, that's going to be the best chance of showers. monday night football here at fedex. >> that's right. >> so maybe a sprinkle late in the game but nothing more than that. right now looks like in the weather cooperates for the philadelphia eagles coming to town. >> great. we don't want it to cooperate for the eagles. >> that's coming, right. >> the team just wants to be able to beat them. don't want excuses of rain or anything like that. >> thank you, gary.
5:50 pm
>> i will get the coffee and bring it over. >> go to the high school game of the week. lancers and hornets came out on top with 56% of the votes. it's a playoff game with a lot of stake tonight. lindsey is live with the hornets head coach. >> we have a good game on tap tonight was they are 7-2 this year and the reigning state champions and they will try to take down damascus, a team that is ranked number two with a perfect record. it is a maryland 3-a playoff game. the first round of the playoffs. i'd like to introduce damascus head coach eric wally. thanks for joining us. your team enters the game undefeated. so obviously there is a target on your back. how do you get the team prepare for this. >> play to your level of ability and don't want to get extra motivation for the game. >> you have been dealing with
5:51 pm
at love of injuries but the quarterback has been the main stay. what has he meant to the team this year. >> he has meant so much. a great leader and three-year starter. anytime we need a play we call on him and he has delivered all year long. they beat you in the first rant of the playoffs last year. they are good even though they are coming off of a two-game losing skid. >> these teams are no stranger. we always play them in big games. they are dangerous and well coached and they have been there and done it. hopefully we can find a way tonight. >> first round kicks off at 7:00. the game of the week highlights at 10:00. back to you in the studio. >> all right. tell the coach i said hi. he'll remember me. >> shawn yancy said hello. >> oh, she's a great lady. >> i went to the duke game to see her son. >> yeah. you can hear him, right.
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>> hello. i have been rooting for anthony every year at duke. >> awesome. >> all right. keep an eye on the game for next friday's game of the week will be up as soon as the playoff schedule is out. vote on or text your choice to 29473. now to the talk of the town on tmz. mel gibson's exaccuses him of waving a gun in her face and we are learning more about his gun collection. harvey, what can you tell us about the latest incident? >> well, it's not really the latest. what happened is when she filed a domestic violence restraining order a few months back, automatically they take the weapons away that anyone has on the other side. and the person accused. in mel's case there was a rifle, a glock, there were four guns and a lot of ammo. so he has his share of weapons there taken away voluntarily
5:53 pm
and again this is standard operating procedure. >> i understand you have a pretty interesting story about a member of the ' 90s r&b group jodicy. intoxicated and arrested at a subway. what happened? >> you have got to see this. on a subway, not as in a subway that's underground, but a subway, as in the restaurant, swing from the group was at a subway at burbank at 5:00 in the afternoon and it's crazy video. i have to tell you the piece in the show is hysterical. but this guy is just knocking down furniture in the subway and the cops came in. but my question is, it seems odd that -- i never thought of subway as drunk food. >> me either. >> is there any truth to the rumor that the officer said if you sing a song we will let you go? >> yeah, no, there is no truth to that but you have to see this piece tonight and by the
5:54 pm
way, what about your son at duke. >> thank you, harvey. >> good luck to your son at duke. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> anthony is very famous. more than a year after his death, a new single featuring michael jackson is hitting the charts. due wet will go on sale with acon. hold my hand was recorded in 2007. sony and executors of jackson's estate say they have a handwritten note from the singer saying he wanted it to be the first single on his next project. let's check in with brian for a look at what is coming up next on the news edge at 6:00. continuing coverage as you have heard prince georges county executive jack johnson and his wife were arrested. our team of reporters have all of the angles covered. and the president's budget commission wanting to cut the nation's debt. could it come at a price for tourists visiting our area's
5:55 pm
national treasures. hang tight. see you at 6:00. 
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. re. a sure sign the holidays are around the corner. the salvation army kicked off the red kettle campaign today and you can expect to see the bell ringers this weekend. they raised $1.5 million last year an provided assistance to 29,000 people in the dc region. celebrating thanksgiving in the commonwealth won't cost you anymore than it did last year. a survey from the virginia farm bureau found the cost of a meal is around $4.35 a person, about the same as it was in 2009. the cost of the -- the menu includes turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, rolls, vegetables and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. >> you have to have the whipped cream.
5:59 pm
thanks for joining us for joining us tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. continuing coverage now on the fbi raid and arrest of outgoing prince georges county executive jack johnson and his wife. that is the picture of johnson in handcuffs at the front door of his home this afternoon. federal agents then spent hours going through his home, even calling in a plummer to make sure evidence wasn't destroyed. we have live team coverage of the breaking news. matt ackland has more on the raid on his home. beth parker is outside of johnson's office, also searched today. we will begin with bonn barnard. -- bob barr nard. johnson and his wife appeared in court a short time ago. >> they have just left the courtroom and have gone down stairs to the marshalls office to


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